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Saturday, 12 September 2015 07:15

Godawari Mela (Happens every 12 years)

Godwari festival has been celebrating in Nepal Godawari Mela every 12 years Godawari is also considered as one of the sacred site due to Godawari Kunda (Godawari Spring Pond) Kathmandu Lalitpur. The temple of Siddheshwor Mahadev is beside the Inner Kunda. It is believed that water in the Kunda is originated from the sacred place in India also known as Godawari.

There are five Dhunge Dhara (stone tap: popular ancient architecture) from where the pure kunda water flows to outer Kunda from the inner Kunda. The month-long festival, said to date back to the Lichhavi period will welcome 4 million pilgrims this year With 2 million visitors in 2003, but this year this could be doubled.

With the growing number of pilgrimage tourism considering only India we could reach the target. As the mobility of people increasing this Mela will help give a positive message on fallen tourism sector. The festival is said to date back at least 1,000 years to the Lichhavi period, and was later adopted by the Malla kings of the Valley. The crystal clear waters of the springs of Godavari below Phulchoki, the highest mountain on the Valley rim, are said to be linked to a river of the same name in southern India.

It is interesting to write on Mythology when we talk about the religios History. Gautam Rishi wandered with lakhs of cows in this Mahabharat Range. This region was very steep that time lwith hundreds and thousands of cows on Mahabharat range. With the herds of cows once the cows fell down. He was afraid as the cows considered to be the god. He started to meditate and then Shiva appeared. Shiva told to meditate and call on for Ganga.

Then the meditation was successful and Ganga came.Ganga told that she would relief the cows death and wash the sins .Shivaji was called as Siddheshwor and established both shiva and Ganga. According to Hindu Astrology Jupiter has to set down.After Bhadra then the Puja starts and beside these only regular Puja of temple is done. So to wash way the sins the visit is to be believed to help purify us. 

What else beside these: About 16 KM from the central Kathmandu, Godavari is situated on the foot of Phulchowki hill (Highest Hill in Kathmandu Valley) in Lalitpur District. The place is named after a flower name ‘Godawari’ and is the nearest destination with rich natural sceneries and pleasing environment one can reach out. Godawari is favorite places for picnics and recreational activities and can easily reach there with any transportation means like Cycles, Bikes and Cars.

Beside there are local micro buses available so people can easily reach there. Let our travel agencies be Forward and can use this as a marketing approach for attracting indian pilgrimage traveler / tourist, said Ammar Raj Guni Managing Director Gokyo Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd . 

In Godawari, the weather remains cool even in the summer. It is also considered a suitable habitate for numerous species of birds. The crystal clear water of Godavari is pure and refreshing.  The spring water is supplied to different parts of Kathmandu as drinking water. Tourist can also enjoy boating at Godavari that is considered important for its huge tourist potentials. The serene environment and greenery of the park leaves a delightful imprint on the minds of the visitors.  (Source: Onlineonlinekhabar.com)

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