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Month of Ashad is considered to be the most important month for Nepalese farmers since it is high time for rice plantation. Farmers grow rice seedlings (which we call biyu in nepali).
We were greeted by the villagers of sesauli and tourism entrepreneurs with million dollars smiles. There were also many tourists who had come to see the Nepali festival. There were also few tourists who hesitated to dive in the muddy water but after some time we could see them all screaming & wrestling with their friends in their muddy paradise.
Once the fish was let in the paddy field, everyone dived in the water to catch the fish. Overall, the Ropai, festival this year was celebrated to fullest.
About the Festival
This festival is celebrated on 15th Ashar (29th June this year) of Nepali calender every year. A special program was organized by VITOF Nepal in co-operation with Nepal Tourism Board to celebrate this festival in Urlabari -05, Morang District of Nepal.
This Festival is celebrated every year on Ashad 15 (29th June) as an interesting event, with the wishes of producing more crops. It also symbolize that the day is the end of planting period. On the festival day we all visit the farm fields (Paddy farm) where ladies plant the rice plant and gentleman plough the field to make the land suitable for planting the paddy. Every year Folk song competitions, planting rice competitions and several other entertaining games are organized during the festival.
Rice Planting Festival (known as Ropai Jatra / festival) is the rice planting ceremony in which farmers do planting and ploughing by singing folk songs. It is a special day for the Nepalese as it is celebrated as one of the important agricultural practices in the country- that of planting paddy. This is also the time when the farmers sing the ‘Asare Geet’ or the Songs sung while planting rice in the Nepali month of Asar. These songs enumerate the joys and sorrows of the farmers. !

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